Are you make-up lover, stylish, DIY-ers and looking for a "certain table" with not only fabulous style and elegant but would make everything stay in their right places to keep your room neat? Celebrate, for we already have what you're looking for! 

This dressing table, although named dressing table has a variety of purpose not only it is specific to make up and dressing up purposes, it is equipped with drawers to store your personal belongings, excellent to keep your makeup, jewelry, books you name it! This will help you keep everything organized as possible and guaranteed you will have less time looking for what you will need for the day! 

It suits perfectly to every decor, so need to worry about blending it in and has a style that will surely last a lifetime! 

- 100% Brand New  provided
- 3 large drawers
- Compacted design yet many storage spaces 

- Set includes dressing table, drawers and mirror 
- Modern and simple design 
- Colour: Black&White 


The set includes 
1 x dressing table 
1 x drawers 
1 x Mirror 

FJ Dressing table(80X76.5X45 )Modern design

SKU: 100
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